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Endless Possibilities

Show them what your room can look like!

Virtual Staging Done the Right Way!

Empty or cluttered rooms can be made to shine but no one likes virtual staging that looks fake, that’s why we have developed a unique method that will bring any room to life.

Home buyers look for comfortable homes where they can see themselves in, empty or cluttered rooms are a turn off. If the home is empty then it’s hard to visualize what it can look like, if it’s cluttered, your prospective home buyer may not even want to go see it.

Don’t leave it up to chance!

Virtual staging offers the best perspective motivating home buyers to call you!


After we photograph your home and upload all edited images to our Real Estate Portal, you can then let us know which images to virtually stage based on their #’s

We will immediately go to work on your images and deliver them within 48 hours!

The virtually Staged images will be re-uploaded to the portal where you can then view them and request any changes.

If you have photos not taken by Marcott Studios but would like them virtually staged, don’t be shy, drop us a line at Please send us your highest resolution image and we will take care of it.

Order your virtually staged images today, and be part of an elite group already working with Marcott Studios!

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