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Full on Motion

Show them what you feel with Ultra HD Video

Real Estate Video walk through

There really is no better way to show your home online than with video! Marcott Studios offers Ultra HD video that takes you inside and out, on the ground and above your property.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 73% of sellers prefer using a Real Estate Agent that markets their home with Video.

Real Estate Video Walk Through

Our standard Real Estate Video walk through covers the main living areas, giving your viewers the perfect glimpse into the home generating the right amount of curiosity…

Aerial Video (Drone Video)

Aerial Video or Drone Video adds that extra feel, revealing breathtaking views and angles to enhance the viewing experience…

Narrated Real Estate Video

A Video Narration or voice over conveys a message that lets the viewer know what makes a property special

Agent on Camera Video

Another form to market you as an agent is to be on camera describing your listing, the benefits are great with this technique…


When you order a Real Estate Video Tour from Marcott Studios, we recommend getting the house ready for shooting prior to Filming. Please note this is like a normal showing of your listing and you want to make the best impression on your viewer, so just as when you prepare for an open house, it is equally important, to make sure your home is ready.

Make sure you put away all your day-to-day clutter, the home is clean, you put away anything on your counters, turn on your lights and replace any burned out bulbs.

On the outside, all cars must be moved or store in the garage, yard is clean, trash cans are put away and the overall appearance is neat.

Please note that to maintain our schedules and to provide a continued level of service for all our clients, we expect the home to be ready to photograph.

A typical Video Shoot can take about an hour. Once complete, we head back to our offices and start putting all your clips together with a custom music soundtrack ready to be uploaded within 24 hours.

For Narrated Videos as well as Agent On-Camera, we request having a script written in advance and sent  to us for review and make any necessary suggestions. Having a Script in advance also makes the entire process more efficient.

Narrated Videos typically can take up to 48 hours to deliver.

Both Branded and Unbranded Videos are automatically uploaded to your Dedicated Property Page where you can download it or share on social media. To place the Video on MLS you need to grab the corresponding MLS link in your portal.

Order your next shoot today, and be part of an elite group already working with Marcott Studios!

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