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Design and Achitecture

Focused on capturing your home’s design and architecture

Photography at its Best!

Marcott Studios offers various styles and Photography Services for Real Estate. Considered the top Real Estate Photography and Marketing company by many Real Estate Agents, we take pride in our work ethic, delivery and professionalism.

We use various photography techniques and the latest in camera equipment to deliver the best possible imagery, photographing your entire home and providing you with all the images within 24 hours.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

The standard in professional Real Estate Photography, we’ll capture your entire home and deliver all images edited within 24 hrs.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Licensed and insured to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or Drones), we bring our photography experience to the sky…

Architectural Photography

Architectural Real Estate Photography

Want to feature your home’s architecture and design, call Marcott Studios today

Elevated Photography

Elevated Real Estate Photography

Sometimes all you need is Elevated Photography of home’s exterior…

Twilight Photography

Real Estate Twilight Photography

Homes captured at dusk reveal a certain mystery about its presence…


When you order a Professional Restate Photo shoot from Marcott Studios, we recommend getting the house ready for shooting prior to the shoot. Please note this is like a normal showing of your listing and you want to make the best impression on your viewer, so just as when you prepare for an open house, it is equally important, to make sure your home is ready.

So let’s talk about basic prep!

Make sure you put away all your day-to-day clutter, the home is clean, you put away anything on your counters, turn on your lights and replace any burned out bulbs. On the outside, all cars must be moved or stored in the garage, yard must be clean, trash cans are put away and the overall appearance is neat.

Remember, to maintain our schedule and to provide a continued level of service for all our clients, we expect the home to be ready to photograph.

A typical Real Estate Photo Shoot can last from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. Once complete, we head back and start editing your images so you can have them within 24 hours!

Images are automatically uploaded to your Dedicated Property Page where you can download them in high resolution for print purposes or for web resolution in order to upload them to your MLS.

If you need photoshoping done to any of the images, we can help as long as it doesn’t require deleting an immovable object, as that is against industry regulations and it is considered misrepresentation of the property.

Order your next shoot today, and be part of an elite group already working with Marcott Studios!

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