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Marcott Studios is Working on something Beautiful to help you grow your Real Estate Business through innovative photography techniques and cutting edge online technology!

Where we came from

A young punky kid still in high school in the early 90’s, got a job as an assistant to a Wedding Videographer. She taught him how to operate a camera, composition, light, etc…fast forward a whole lifetime on a not-so-out-of-the-ordinary day sometime in 2013, that same kid while driving through the beautiful roads of Connecticut with his girlfriend in their burgundy 2003 Hyundai Elantra hatchback, Carlos and Dawn were having a conversation about their current jobs, work environment and possible future.

Carlos not being one to enjoy authority, and quite frustrated at his job as a web developer, kept pushing to start a media company with Dawn’s help, albeit with a little skepticism she went along with it and she decided they needed a name for their business.

So Dawn being the smart one in the car, came up with Marcott Studios, Mar & cott, from Marques & Scott! They both loved it and set out to be masters of their own future – through a proper business plan, marketing strategy and the right equipment for the job.

Marcott Studios was primarily built to help bring video services to brides, through wedding videos but they also wanted to help local non-profits in the area. Without an advertising budget, they connected with people looking for these services while still working full time! Oh and did we mention Dawn was pregnant?

Through the relentless pursuit for growing their business, Carlos was able to work full-time and take full control in June of 2014, when they bought their first company car. The vehicle that would take the company to a new level of professionalism and amazingly enough, a new entirely different market!

The car that helped start it all! Not looking to pretty after the front wheels fell off on the way to a shoot…

What would become the Marcott Car. Dawn proudly showing it off!

Towards New Horizons

Today Marcott Studios has developed into a Real Estate Marketing Powerhouse, delivering Professional Real Estate Photography, Professional Real Estate Video Tours, 3D Virtual Reality Tours, Licensed Aerial Videography and Aerial Photography – one of the first CT companies to acquire the FAA 333 exemption, Floor Plans, the ability to offer Virtual Staging and Continually developing the BEST online platform for showing off Real Estate Properties beautifully!

Marcott Studios has also been able to branch out to other states and as of January 2017 is being represented in 7 states, including CT, NY, MA, RI, VT, NJ and FL. They attribute their success to the relentless and continued devotion to their clients!

Their Professionalism and innovation allows them to see new emerging technologies that will help the future of real estate and develop the techniques and skills to implementing them, offering a competitive edge to their clients.

They didn’t do it alone, and neither should you, what started out as two people in a car on some road, has developed into a successful team effort that is continually helping those that choose to work with Marcott Studios.

marcott car

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